Trekking and Taste

Piegaro fu fondata dai romani nel 290 a.C.lungo il fiume Nestore, Nel Duecento fu concessa in feudo ai ad Orvieto ed a  questo periodo risale l'avvento della nobile arte della lavorazione del vetro: Ogni anno alla fine di maggio si svolge un festival  presso il Museo del Vetro. Nei dintorni dell'abitato, in località Pietrafitta, si ergono l'abbazia benedettina dei Sette Fratelli, i ruderi di un convento francescano e la chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, ove è custodito un prezioso crocifisso ligneo del Seicento. Nel territorio comunale si trova anche l'area archeologica Città di Fàllera, antico insediamento risalente all'età del ferro.

Medium difficulty route

Day 1

Arrival at the selected accommodation and check-in.

Possible free tour of the historic center of Piegaro and the Glass Museum Welcome dinner with local products and overnight stay included

Day 2


Departure from Lake Pietrafitta

Length: km 8.40-Differences: D + 32.0 m. D - 32.0 m.

Difficulty: T (tourist trail)

Walking time: 3 hours

Loop trail.

Visit Luigi Boldrini Paleontological Museum, home to one of the most important fossil collections in Europe, to Pietrafitta Lake, located at the foot of the town near the modern thermoelectric power plant. The large reservoir is fed by the waters of the Nestore River and covers 110 hectares, with 6 km of walkable banks. In addition to being a prime site for Carp Fishing and sporting activities, the lake includes a protected sector reserved for waterfowl nesting and fish breeding.

ABBEY of the Seven Friars / CIBOTTOLA Trekking with Ring Route, easy route.

Return from Vocabolo Fornace

Elevation gain 182 meters-Km 9.0 total

Time: 2 hours

A truly amazing route between a structure built on Roman remains, an ancient Abbey and breathtaking nature.

Dinner at the Seven Friars Abbey farmhouse and Overnight stay included

Day 3


From FONTIGNANO to MONTALI to COLLE SAN PAOLO to the Sanctuary of Mongiovino.

Trekking with medium easy route

Dislivello 397 metri - Km 15,3 totali

Time: 3.30 hours

A path in another dimension, with Etruscan suggestions and the tomb of Perugino. A forgotten castle. The door of Time at "Porta Materna" with a view of Lake Trasimeno. The secrets of the Sanctuary of Mongiovino. Nature without comparison--a magnificence not to be missed!

Possible tasting stop at Fonte Manna farm or other local farm.

Free dinner and Overnight stay.

Day 4

Breakfast and check out with the possibility of GROUP FORMATION FOR THE EXCURSION.

From Casalini to Tenuta Lamborghini Sant'Arcangelo

Medium easy loop trekking route

Height difference 151 meters-Km 17.1 total

Time: 3.30 hours

Possible tasting stop at Tenuta Lamborghini farm.


At facility with characteristics of 3-star hotel, farmhouse or equivalent


Upon reaching no. 10 participants or 20 if school groups

Euro 330,00


N. 3 Overnight stays at 3-star hotel. farmhouse or equivalent facilities, in double or twin room

B&B treatment, with breakfast in hotel or farmhouse

No. 1 welcome dinner with local specialties

On request:


Shuttle Rental